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Gift Guide 2020

Text and photographs by Julia Schloss.

It’s that time of year again – the days are getting shorter, already the twinkling Christmas lights are on in Vienna’s Innenstadt, the scent of cinnamon and cloves is in the air. In short: Christmas, the celebration of family and joy, is almost here!

It certainly is not always easy to find THE perfect Christmas present, and often one can spend weeks racking one’s brain over it. One absolute classic that is really popular year after year is jewellery. A gift that also conveys a special symbolism – which is why it is so popular as a Christmas present.

A timeless piece of high quality jewellery will bring years of pleasure, and every time the recipient wears it she will recall the Christmas moment when, filled with eager expectation, she opened the Wagner gift box!

I too love to give jewellery on special occasions, and so on my last visit I sought out a few special pieces that I would naturally also be thrilled to receive!

Jewellery with the hardest, most beautiful and most loved of gems:


Not for nothing is the diamond known as the hardest, most beautiful and most loved of gems – which is why it is at the radiant centre of the Solitaire Collection from Wagner.
Diamonds embody style, breath-taking elegance and joy in the eternal!

If you give a piece of jewellery with a diamond, you are sending a valuable message, a sign of particular affection and love, which is why a diamond ring is also very popular as an engagement ring.

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Delicate, clear lines:


The latest collection from Wagner has an impressively modern look – delicate, clear lines make for a piece of jewellery that can be combined in many ways, including for everyday wear. The collection represents the satisfying feeling of total self-fulfilment in an activity – which is why the pieces are also ideally suitable as a present to give yourself!

For that extra “sparkle” the items in the collection (which are available in different gold colours) are also available with diamonds.

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Closely set diamonds:

Rivière Brillant

The “less is more” principle doesn’t always apply. The shimmering stars in the night sky on the Riviera inspired this sparkling collection, with closely set diamonds shining like a chain of lights at its centre.

Not for nothing are these bracelets called “Infinity Bracelets”, often given as a sign of an eternal bond. You can add matching earrings and a necklace – perfect at any time, day or night!

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Perfect for every day:


A timeless, sparkling collection that was inspired by glittering drops of water in sandy bays cut out of a rocky coastline. You immediately think of the salty breeze, the gentle murmur of the sea and the warmth of the sun on your skin. Perfect for every day, wherever your journey takes you!

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Young, colourful, versatile:

Balou & More

Young, colourful, versatile, yet also timeless – the Balou & More Collection is all of these. Consisting of coloured gems and diamonds, the collection is the embodiment of playful light-heartedness, vying for sparkle with 18 karat gold.
The rings can be combined in many ways and are therefore popular for stacking. They can be added to at any time for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day etc.

More to choose from in the Wagner Webshop >

Balou & More

Balou & More

Balou & More



Sparkling gift ideas for Christmas 2020:

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