A brilliant Christmas

A brilliant Christmas

Christmas is almost here. The city is decorated for the festivities, fairy lights sparkle on the buildings, the scent of spices, mulled wine and chestnuts wafts through the air – and the streets are full of people hunting for the right gift. *written by Katharina Hingsammer & Vicky Heiler – The Daily Dose

We can only speak for ourselves, of course, but a gift that is always a joy to receive is beautiful, timeless jewellery. Nothing can beat the pleasure a favourite gift can provide, even years after it has been given. And a piece of genuine jewellery is perfect for wearing and will bring beauty and pleasure for generations to come. Wagner offers a large selection of wonderful jewellery for almost every budget. At our last visit we had a little browse through their offering and selected various pieces which not only appeal to us but which we would also be happy to give to a loved one.

Delicate necklace from the Wagner Flora Collection

The trend over the last few years has been for young women to prefer delicate jewellery – particularly when it comes to necklaces. We also prefer to wear very delicate, understated jewellery on the neck. We love the beautiful mother-of-pearl flower from the Flora Collection, which hangs on a delicate chain made of rose gold. Another classic: the delicate chains with a single diamond in the Solitaire Collection!

Rings with colourful gems from the Wagner Jolie Collection

Jewellery doesn’t always have to be classic, particularly when it comes to rings. Just as we sometimes paint our nails in bright colours, so we also love wearing colourful rings as a really eye-catching part of our outfit. These beautiful brightly coloured stones – from the Jolie Collection for example – framed with small diamonds are just asking to adorn our fingers. We also love the beautiful rings in the Balou Collection – click here for our guest post!

Bangle with diamonds from the Wagner Rivière Collection

If dreams come true, they surely do so in the form of the beautiful bangle with diamonds from the Rivière Collection. With its rows of baguette cut diamonds each trying to outshine each other, the linear design of the bangle also makes it totally suitable for everyday wear and easy to combine with any outfit. Another thing: the Rivière Collection also contains the delicate, flowing bracelets we love so much – there is an extensive post on these on our website!

Earrings with diamonds from the Wagner Signature Collection

These beautiful drop-shaped earrings from the Signature Collection are really special – just right for a special occasion such as Christmas. The lucky recipient’s eyes will sparkle as brightly as the earrings when she unwraps them!

*written by Katharina Hingsammer & Vicky Heiler – The Daily Dose

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