The ball season: jewellery from the Wagner Collections

The ball season: jewellery from the Wagner Collections

Vienna is well known for its fabulous balls. Starting in November, the ball season reaches its high point generally in February, with the Opera Ball. But of course in addition to the world-famous ball held in the Staatsoper there are countless other breathtakingly wonderful balls that take place in Austria’s capital, offering the perfect occasion, at least once a year, to put on your best dress and wear your most sparkling jewellery! *written by Katharina Hingsammer & Vicky Heiler - The Daily Dose

With 22 balls in February, the question is not whether you are going to a ball, but rather which of the numerous balls you will be going to. And of course there is the question of what outfit you will decide to wear. As far as this last question is concerned, Juwelier Wagner definitely has at least one answer ready and waiting. Whether your chosen ball dress is the essence of simplicity or a more flamboyant number, you will find jewellery to match at Wagner.

For the ball season, we at Wagner have also donned our best evening dresses and are focusing a little more closely on our wonderful Collections – in particular, “Secrets”. Indeed we just had to provide an explanation, straight away! So if you are wondering what the secret of this jewellery might be …

“There is a secret of the gem-setter’s art almost invisibly concealed behind our special “Secrets” jewellery collection: five diamonds are cut and set with such skill that they shine with maximum radiance, and in their perfect juxtaposition appear to be one large individual diamond.”

The word “ball” only appears in the language in the 17th century, being derived from the Latin “ballare” (to dance). However, glittering balls were of course already being held during the period of the Holy Roman Empire. By means of a very special technique, each piece from the Wagner Secrets Collection looks like an imperial jewel that deserves nothing less than to be seen in its proper setting of an elegant ball. Be it earrings from the Secrets Glory Collection or rings inspired by the form of a drop (Secrets Drop), or the impressive Secrets Trio pieces, or the bangles from the Signature Collection that can be so perfectly combined with them – with jewellery from Juwelier Wagner, every ball becomes an absolute “Cinderella moment”!

*written by Katharina Hingsammer & Vicky Heiler – The Daily Dose

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