Wagner_Best of Christmas

Wagner: Best of Christmas

Jewellery and watches are special gifts to show our deep affection for the people we love. A gift package from the House of Wagner promises something exclusive from the sparkling world of radiant jewellery and fine watches.

Inspirational ideas for jewellery are to be found in our Wagner stores: from a precious item that will be a lifelong companion to the recipient, to a glamorous piece of jewellery that will make someone’s dreams come true, to a delicately seductive piece of contemporary design.

Enthusiastic fans of precision engineering will find numerous gift ideas in the watch collections of international watch brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai, Bvlgari, Chopard, Breitling, Longines, TAG Heuer and Tudor.

Wagner Solitaire No14

Wagner Solitaire®

The perfection of richly traditional and timeless jewellery: Solitaire from Wagner. Harmonious design and masterly craftsmanship bring out the full brilliance of the diamonds.

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Wagner Solitaire No4 Ring

Wagner Solitaire No4 Earrings

Wagner Solitaire No4 Pendant with Chain

Wagner Solitaire No6 Ring

Wagner Solitaire No16 Ring

Wagner Solitaire No16 Ring

Wagner Solitaire No4 Ring

Wagner Solitaire No 14 Ring

Wagner Solitaire No12 Ring

Wagner Masterpiece Collection

Glamorous radiance

This exclusive selection of jewellery represents masterly and exquisite craftsmanship from Wagner. These precious items radiate a magical brilliance, completing your glamorous look. Whether you are attending a special social event or an important family celebration, or simply enjoying a wonderful moment, your special look will remain unforgettable.

For further inspiration try Wagner Masterpiece, Wagner Signature and Wagner Secrets.

Wagner Masterpiece Collier

Wagner Masterpiece Earrings

Wagner Masterpiece Ring

Wagner Solitaire No12 Ring

Wagner Solitaire No 14 Ring

Wagner Signature Earrings

Wagner Signature Earrings

Wagner Star Light Collier

Wagner Star Light Bracelets

Wagner Signature Collier

Wagner Secrets Bracelet

Wagner Cala_Zarte Verführung

Delicately seductive

The allure of this jewellery lies in the delicate, youthful and sophisticated design and in the way the finest materials such as 18 karat gold, coloured gems and diamonds are processed.

For further inspiration try Wagner Rivière, Wagner Cala and Wagner Balou.

Wagner Rivière Ring

Wagner Rivière Bracelet

Wagner Rivière Necklace

Cala Ring

Cala Earring

Cala Pendant with Chain

Balou & More Ring

Balou & More Bracelet

Balou & More Pendant with Chain

Wagner Gutschein

The possibilities are almost endless

A gift voucher from Wagner gives the recipient the delicious torment of making a choice. Whether they opt for a sparkling jewel, a fine watch, a sterling silver accessory or any of the services provided by the Wagner watch workshop or goldsmiths’ workshop, the possibilities are endless.

Wagner vouchers can be redeemed on site at any of the Wagner 1st-district “Innenstadt” stores.

All these precious items can be found in our Wagner stores displayed in numerous cabinets. Our friendly and professionally trained Wagner consultants will be glad to assist you in making your personal choice. We look forward to seeing you in Vienna’s Innenstadt.

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