Shining accents on your wrist

Shining accents on your wrist

Bangles and bracelets exude sparkling glamour on festive occasions. With every movement of the hand, the pieces illicit admiring glances. The elegant, feminine appearance is perfected with a matching ring, necklace or earrings. The special ambience produced by sparkling diamonds also brightens up daily life. Whether worn singly or stacked, as a delicate piece or as a big statement, a sparkling piece of jewellery on your wrist adds the final touch to your daily styling routine.

Wagner Jewellery bracelets and bangles provide a wealth of inspiration for every occasion.

Elegance for any time of day:

Rivière Brillant

The Rivière Brillant bracelet brings subtle elegance to your wrist. A diamond is set in each of its links. Three bracelets worn together in 18-carat white, rosé and yellow gold are a particularly striking combination.

The exhilaration of self-expression:


The Rivière-Flow bangle – available in 18-carat yellow, white or rosé gold – looks like a symbolic play on infinity. This striking double-row bangle is available in two versions, with diamonds in a pavé setting or without diamonds.

High Jewellery Collection:


As an elegant masterpiece of goldsmith craftsmanship, the three-row diamond bracelet from the Masterpiece Collection represents Wagner’s aspiration to high jewellery. The diamond-studded bracelet reflects perfect harmony in a classic, timeless design.

Inspired by natural beauty:


A flower blossom of masterfully set diamonds is a brilliant eye-catcher adorning the finely structured bracelet from the Bloom Collection, signed with the blue Wagner sapphire, in 18-carat white or rosé gold.

Delicate and classy:


In the Cala Collection, a multitude of diamonds grouped together in the shape of a teardrop play the leading role. The fine-link chain on the back makes it easy to adjust the width of the bracelet and is particularly pleasant in summer.

A sparkling statement:


The wide bracelet from the Signature Collection with teardrop-shaped and solitaire-set diamonds on bars of 18-carat white gold, held by two diamond-set rings, is an expression of perfect elegance.

Romance under a starry sky:

Star Light

The pavé trim on this glittering bangle from the Star Light Collection adds a magnificent sparkle. The bangle can be easily opened with a clever safety clasp. The blue Wagner sapphire as the signature of the House of Wagner is placed on the outside of the bangle.

Mysterious and beautiful at the same time:


The masterful art of diamond cutting and setting is expressed in the various pieces of arm jewellery in the Secrets Collection. When combined, several diamonds create a brilliant whole.

No matter which of these special pieces from Juwelier Wagner make the shortlist, one thing is certain: there are plenty of occasions to let them shine – whether as arm jewellery or as a set. After all, brilliant moments remain unforgettable.

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