Brilliant solo

Brilliant solo

The solitaire diamond is part of any classic jewellery repertoire. Its dramatic appearance is and will remain impressive.
Wagner Solitaire No6 Ring, white gold

The Diamond

The single diamond, held in a classic setting, is an unmistakable characteristic of a solitaire ring. Rings such as these are frequently used as engagement rings and this has changed little over time.

The fire of the diamond

The first design for the classic solitaire ring originates from the late 19th century. At that time, however, the diamond was still in the old European cut since today’s brilliant did not come into existence until 1916. The term derives from the French solitaire which in English means “the one and only”. At the centre of the ring band is a single gemstone, a diamond in the cut already mentioned. This setting emphasises the stone’s brilliance; it shows the diamond’s “fire” to its best advantage by allowing optimum reflection of the incident light.

Long tradition

At Juwelier Wagner, the solitaire has a long tradition as an impressive example of fine diamond jewellery. It has been a firm and highly regarded part of the jewel collections since the company was established.

Wagner Solitaire Collection

Shown to perfection in this exclusive design and high-quality setting, whether worn as a ring or as an attractive pendant on a fine gold chain, it is considered to be one of the emblems of the Wagner company.

As is the case for all our jewellery collections, the Solitaire Collection, which is also a registered trade mark, bears the Wagner sapphire with engraved Wagner W as the company’s signature.

The Solitaire No6 Collection picks up the original motif of the brilliant-cut diamond held by six claws. It lends the jewellery a special balance between harmony and brilliance.

This perfect combination is characteristic of the Solitaire Collection which is offered by Juwelier Wagner in a variety of different settings. Whether claw-set or bezel-set in platinum or 18ct white gold, the Wagner solitaire is regarded as a classic with modern flair.

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