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Bulgari Divissima and Allegra

Bvlgari unveils four new, vibrant cocktail watches that exude the joy and exuberance of la Dolce Vita. The new watches artfully combine brilliant gems in daring ways, confirming the Italian jeweller as the Master of Coloured Gemstones. Celebrating the joy of colour is in the Maison’s DNA and one of the most recognisable and iconic features of every Bvlgari creation. Now, the extravaganza of colour continues with the launch of new cocktail watches that bring to light the inner beauty of precious gemstones in designs that women will want to wear every day.
Wagner_Bulgari Divissima und Allegra

Cocktail Watches

Divissima and Allegra

The latest versions of the Divissima and Astrale Cocktail Watches offer an exciting and contemporary update to two classic Bvlgari designs, uniting irresistible style and jewellery-making expertise to reveal a new chapter of the fascinating Bvlgari Watches Colour Treasures journey.

Bvlgari has always dared to be different. Since the 1950s, it has broken conventions by using bright blocks of colour and giving prominence to glossy cabochon gems and smooth-surfaced, generous-sized stones in rich, saturated colours. This very Italian version of precious jewellery and watches captures the spirit of la Dolce Vita that is symbolic of the brand.

Inspired by this golden era of Rome, the new watches are feminine and flirtatious, whimsical and vivacious, and an invitation to the wearer to embrace life with passion and live the moment. This seductive proposition has earned Bvlgari an enviable following of celebrities over the decades, including Gina Lollobrigida, Anita Ekberg and Sophia Loren, keeping alive the irrepressible joy and spontaneity of la Dolce Vita.

Each new timepiece showcases Bvlgari’s uncompromising approach to design and artisanship. A perfect harmony of sensuous shapes and alluringly vivid gemstones in multiple colours and stone cuts, high jewellery techniques, including snow-set diamonds and flexible handmade gold settings, bring a dynamism and sense of movement to the timepieces.

The Divas’ Dream Divissima watches arrive in two new models. Scaled down from the best-selling Divas’ Dream watches, the all-diamond and diamond and emerald timepieces open up a new segment of high jewellery watches that are smaller and easier to wear. Opulent and elegant, the sophisticated white gold architecture of each gives a sense of lightness and motion to the distinctive fan-shaped motifs – a signature of the Divas’ Dream collection – that surround the dials.

Wagner_Bulgari Divissima 103505

Diva's Dream

Divissima Emeralds

The iridescent mother of pearl dial is emboldened by eight brilliant-cut emeralds in a vivid shade of green, set amongst waves of diamonds. A superior mastery of gem-setting is evident in the delicate mounts, which amplify the inner light of the precious stones for high-voltage glamour. The all-diamond model features a snow-set diamond dial encircled by undulating ripples of diamonds. Presented on a black alligator strap, it is the epitome of Roman elegance, with eight brilliant cut diamonds nestled between the fan-shaped motifs.

Wagner_Bulgari 103493

Diva's Dream


Capturing the joie de vivre of la Dolce Vita, the redesigned Astrale is a dazzling example of Bvlgari’s audacious approach to jewellery watches. A vivacious selection of gemstones of different cuts and shapes – citrines, amethysts, peridot, blue topaz and rhodolite – are set to orbit around the mother of pearl dial, creating a stunning display of brightness.

Contrasted with the brilliance of over 80 diamonds, the mesmerising mix of faceted and cabochon gemstones forms a gleaming halo of stones that gently moves thanks to the expertly crafted metal settings. Available in either white or rose gold, both versions are now presented on alligator strap, making this a Cocktail Watch that can be worn all day long.

Precious and colourful entry points into the world of High-End timepieces suitable for every occasion, the new Divissima and Astrale Cocktail Watches are true jewels for the wrist that enchant with their distinctive design and charm.

Mit Brillantschliff-Diamanten besetztes 33-mm-Gehäuse aus 18 Karat Weißgold und mit 8 Brillantschliff-Diamanten besetzte bewegliche Blütenblätter (261 Stück von total 5,25 ct); vollständig mit Diamanten beschichtetes Zifferblatt; schwarzes Alligatorlederband mit Faltschließe aus 18 Karat Weißgold. Von Bvlgari personalisiertes Hochpräzisions-Quarzwerk. Wasserdicht bis 30 m.
36-mm-Gehäuse aus 18 Karat Roségold, besetzt mit 82 Brillantschliff-Diamanten (2,23 ct) und einer Mischung aus facettierten und cabochierten Edelsteinen: 2 Zitrine (1,45 ct), 2 Amethyste (3,06 ct), 1 Peridot (1,29 ct), 2 blaue Topase im Cabochonschliff (3,06 ct), 1 Rhodolith (1,63 ct); Perlmutt-Zifferblatt mit 12 Diamantindexen. Taupefarben schimmerndes Alligatorlederband mit Dornschließe aus 18 Karat Roségold. Von Bvlgari personalisiertes Hochpräzisions-Quarzwerk. Wasserdicht bis 30 m.
Wagner_Bulgari Astrale 103499
Mit Brillantschliff-Diamanten besetztes 33-mm-Gehäuse aus 18 Karat Weißgold und ebenfalls mit Brillantschliff-Diamanten besetzte bewegliche Blütenblätter (137 Stück von total 2,31 ct) sowie 8 bewegliche Brillantschliff-Smaragde (2,8 ct); Perlmuttzifferblatt mit grünen Zeigern; grünes Alligatorlederband mit Dornschließe aus Weißgold. Von Bvlgari personalisiertes Hochpräzisions-Quarzwerk. Wasserdicht bis 30 m.
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