chopard mille miglia race edition

Chopard Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition

Thirty years of a tireless passion for the “corsa la più bella del mondo”. Who else could lay claim to such constancy? To celebrate this important landmark, Chopard has created a special limited, numbered and COSC-certified Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition. A 44 mm timepiece forged from a blend of passion, style and precision is taking to the road this year. Be ready at the starting line however, as only 1,000 of them will emerge from the Chopard watchmaking workshops in steel, and just 100 in a version combining 18-carat rose gold and steel.

A family story

The Mille Miglia is a family story of passion for the Scheufele’s. This passion is transmitted from generation to generation. All the members of the family have taken part or attended the Mille Miglia under the Maison Chopard flag. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele will be on the starting line under the watchful eye of his own father, Karl Scheufele, who instilled in him his own fascination and enthusiasm for classic cars. These moments are special and precious for a father.

There is of course a deeply rooted desire to pass on a personal penchant… What could be finer than to transmit a passion for fine mechanics, whether of the horological or automobile variety? Yet, the Mille Miglia is a demanding mistress. A trying race that requires constant attention and tolerates no imprecision. It is all about passing on, as well as teaching, sharing and accompanying in order to help avoid potential pitfalls and lead the car to victory. The qualities required to take part in this rally are well-known and quite logically similar to those of the Chopard watchmakers.

An exclusive timepiece combining performance with refinement

Meanwhile, the dashboard-inspired engine-turned dial single-handedly sums up the watch with its fusion of performance and vintage spirit. The red Mille Miglia logo at 12 o’clock, date at 4 o’clock, as well as the subtle touch of Super-LumiNova®-painted hands… no detail is coincidental. Some may be tempted to forget that the Mille Miglia is above all a distance of 1000 miles: more than 1,600km from Brescia to Rome and back in four days, often ending after nightfall. The luminescent coating on the hands thus proves eminently useful in checking average speed at a glance even in the dark. Upon arriving back in Brescia and glimpsing the ramp on the Viale Venezia, the often worn-out teams are torn between a sense of relief and a wish to start all over again. The tough, long and demanding Mille Miglia does not spare its participants. But, like its “flagship watch”, it remains all the more endearing.

The exclusive, powerful and sophisticated Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition is a true everyday team-mate, a stylish watch that will doubtless be adopted by gentlemen drivers of all generations.

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