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    Taking the plunge!

    When knowing the exact time is important while you’re underwater, then you need to have the right watch. And this watch doesn’t just have to be robust but it ought to look good too. The history of diver’s watches dates back to the 1950s: these watches first proved to be reliable around that time, and so they set the new standards. Whereas at first the target group was professional divers, both in the civilian and military sectors, sporty diver’s watches gradually became more and more popular too. <br /> <br />


    A reliable chronometer that is suitable for divers must first and foremost be absolutely water-resistant. This is ensured by the seals for the crown, glass and case back. The seals should be checked in good time as part of regular servicing by Juwelier Wagner’s watch workshop and replaced if necessary. Diver’s watches have an additional safety feature in the form of a screw-in crown and – in the case of chronographs – screw-in pushers. This prevents water or moisture penetrating the watch movement after making adjustments with the pusher or the crown.



    The specifications regarding water-resistance in diver’s watches – incidentally, this applies to all wristwatches – should strictly be given in bar instead of metres. They refer to the pressure testing performed under laboratory conditions: accordingly, 10 bars is equivalent to 100 m and 20 bar to 200 m. A diver’s watch must demonstrate at least 10-bar water resistance to qualify for this designation.


    Safety features

    One of the typical safety features on diver’s watches is the uni-directional rotating bezel, which can only be turned anti-clockwise. Turning it in the wrong direction by accident would result in serious implications for correct indication of dive time. The ridged edge also means it is easy to turn the bezel while wearing diving gloves. The rotating bezels were originally painted; modern functional diver’s watches are now fitted with high-tech ceramic inlays that are scratchproof and colourfast..



    Apart from the robust case and an appropriate size, an essential feature of a diver’s watch is the dial, as the diver needs to be able to read the precise time not only when out of the water but also while underwater. This is why diver’s watches have a luminous index. The distinct hour and minute hands are also luminous.



    Diver’s watches are inherently robust. They should still be rinsed off with fresh water after diving in the sea so that there is no residue left on the watch and strap from salt or fine sand. The steel straps of some diver’s watches can be exchanged for durable rubber straps, which are also fitted with deployment clasps. The condition of the strap and the deployment clasp should be checked regularly to make sure that your watch doesn’t fall off your wrist next time you are diving.


    The watch specialists at Juwelier Wagner provide expert and comprehensive advice on this subject too. Ultimately, a new strap not only provides safety but a contemporary style will also give your diver’s watch a whole new look.