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When it comes to jewellery, there is nothing better than a necklace chosen to suit the individual wearer. However, a few essential points should be borne in mind. Necklaces are not all the same. For example, if you want to emphasise the neck area or décolleté, you should choose the right necklace to achieve this effect. An ensemble consisting of a slender gold chain with pendant, combined with a ring and earrings to match, will create a different effect from a striking necklace in white, yellow or pink gold.
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Depending on the occasion, however, gemstone or diamond necklaces are also a suitable choice. Just like the cut of your clothes, with necklaces the style and length are really important. Some types of necklace go well with modern fashions, while others create a timeless classic look.

For example, the size of the links will also change the general characteristics of a necklace.

There is a huge variety of necklaces available, from fine chains with a pendant to multiple-strand necklaces.


A high-quality pearl necklace is a truly special item.

The pearls are knotted individually to ensure even spacing.

The design of necklaces also varies. Frequently used types include classic forms such as the anchor chain in its various embodiments, and also the Venetian chain, which in different gold variants.


Wagner Collection Venezianer Kette

Wagner Collection Anker Kette

Wagner Collection Schlangen Kette

Wagner Collection Solitaire No6

Venetian chain

Together with the eponymous solitaire, brings a classic look to Juwelier Wagner‘s Collection Solitaire No 6.

Wagner Collection Riviere

Anchor Chain

In the Rivière Collections, on the other hand, the timeless effect of the anchor chain has been selected.

Snake Chain

In the Wagner Collection Solitiare No1 the snake chain defines the particular character of the jewellery.

An essential element of any high-quality necklace is the type of clasp used. The clasp guarantees that the necklace cannot be accidentally unfastened and lost. A spring ring or a spring hook is used to stop this happening. A bayonet clasp without spring is only suitable for fine chains.

A buckle closure with safety clasp is also often used for necklaces.

With gold and platinum necklaces, in most cases the hallmark also appears on the clasp.

Wagner Collection Masterpiece

Diamond Necklace

The necklace with multiple strands of set stones or pearls forms the “crowning glory” among types of necklace.

In particular, diamond necklaces play an essential part as showpieces in the Masterpiece Collection from Juwelier Wagner.

However, the right necklace for you will ultimately depend on your individual style and personal preference.


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