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Sparkling gift inspirations

Giving is always associated with joy: whether the gift is something you choose together or is intended as a surprise for someone you love. Whether it is a reward for achieving a personal goal, or a way of enjoying the beautiful things in life in the here and now.
Wagner Geschenk Inspiration 2020

The beauty of giving:

A radiant smile of joy

Special gifts that will remain long in the memory, or may even be intended to be handed down from generation to generation, are given on the occasion of family events, or for special celebrations and anniversaries, or as a “thank you” for a shared life together or a special experience, or for success in achieving a goal, and on many other occasions also … and the presentation of such gifts is sure to bring a radiant smile of joy to the face of the recipient.

To provide gift inspirations to mark these special and unique moments in life, Juwelier Wagner offers a wide range of sparkling jewellery and fine watches.

Classic beauty:


At the centre of the Collection is the beauty and uniqueness of the diamond, the hardest and the most sought after of gems. The Solitaire Collection from Wagner stands for a harmonious interplay between the inner radiance of the diamond and genuinely stylish and timeless jewellery design.

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Solitaire No4

Solitaire No16

Solitaire No16

Brilliant colours & collecting passion:

Balou & More

The multiplicity of combination possibilities provided by the many different colours, shapes and sizes is seemingly endless. The delicate 18 karat gold jewellery pieces with coloured gems are also optionally available with diamond setting. Balou & More is perfect for stacking and irresistibly collectable.

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Balou & More Ring

Balou & More

Balou & More Square



The exhilarating feeling of realising one’s potential in an activity was the inspiration for the modern jewellery design, which expresses strength and optimism. The delicate yet clear form concept impressively combines a soft, feminine radiance with a bold, straight look. Depending on your personal style, the jewellery is available in different colours of gold, with or without diamonds, and can be combined in any way you wish.

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Rivière-Flow Necklace

Rivière-Flow Bangle

Rivière-Flow Ring

Diamonds set close together:

Rivière Brillant

The shining, flowing band of lights in the Riviera’s night sky inspired this sparkling Collection. Diamonds set close together to form a single chain of lights are at the centre. This jewellery is available in 18 karat white gold, rose gold or yellow gold.

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Rivière Brillant Ring

Rivière Brillant Necklace

Rivière Brillant Earrings

Delicate elegance for everyday wear:


This delicate Collection brings sparkling moments of happiness into everyday life, conveying a serene and light-hearted joie de vivre, like the playful glittering of drops of water in a seaside bay. The perfect everyday companion in leisure and business activities, this jewellery is produced in 18 karat white gold with diamonds.

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Cala Ring

Cala Pendant with chain

Cala Earrings

The secret of sparkling diamonds:


The open secret of the Collection is the irresistible allure of sparkling diamonds. Another secret, which is almost invisible, is hidden away in the setter’s art: five diamonds are skilfully cut and set so as to sparkle with maximum radiance, perfectly composed to look like one large individual diamond.

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Secrets Ring

Secrets Necklace

Secrets Bracelet

For the great moments in life:


The jewellery in the Masterpiece Collection stands for perfection in the goldsmith’s art and for elegance. The “grand finale” of a great dress requires the finest and most perfect jewellery. Whether the occasion is a romantic dinner for two or a big public event, these sparkling masterpieces guarantee a radiant appearance.

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Masterpiece Bangle

Masterpiece Necklace

Masterpiece Ring

The symbol of love:


The symbol of love and faithfulness for thousands of years, the heart is as popular and up to date as ever. Wagner hearts are available in various designs and sizes. Set with or without diamonds, the heart is an unmistakable sign of affinity and harmony, and is often chosen as a gift because of its expressive quality.

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Heart Earrings

Heart Pendant

Heart Bracelet

Genuine style:

Wagner Cuff links

Style shows in the detail. Often it is details like cuff links worn with a simple shirt that evince a special elegance. Wagner offers cuff links made of 18 karat white gold, rose gold or yellow gold in various designs and shapes. They make a stylish gift for men, with an emphasis on masculine elegance.

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Cufflinks 18kt Gold

Cufflinks 18kt Gold

Cufflinks 18kt Gold

Sporty, elegant or complicated:

International watch brands

With over 100 years of experience in the art of watchmaking, Wagner is a sought after point of contact for lovers of fine watches. Our experienced Wagner Team provides expert and friendly individual advice at our four shops in Vienna’s Innenstadt and also by telephone during opening hours.
The Wagner watch workshop is available at our main shop on Kärntner Strasse to carry out servicing and repairs as well as other measures to maintain the value of your watch.

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A magical moment, a special gift and a radiant smile of joy …

Gift ideas for the most beautiful moments in life

Sparkling gift ideas for memories made to last:

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