Gift Guide Valentines Day

Gift Guide Valentines Day

Soon it will be that time again - Valentine's Day! A day which, as a day of love, is not a public holiday but is at least as important! It's not so easy to find THE perfect gift for your partner, but the most important thing is still that it comes from the heart! Just like last year, Julia Schloß/@julietta_mademoiselle has sifted through her favourites and compiled them in a gift guide:

Written and photographed by Julia Schloß.



To all men out there, there is nothing more romantic than proposing to your beloved on the day of love! The Solitaire Collection by Wagner includes beautiful rings, such as Solitaire No. 16 or No. 6 that are perfect for the occasion.

Love and loyalty:

Heart – Mother of Pearl

The heart has always been a symbol of love and loyalty, but also of life – the one follows from the other.
The Wagner “Heart – Mother of Pearl” Collection (the centre of the heart is made of shimmering mother of pearl – partly also finished with diamonds) is therefore the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.

WOW factor:

Aura Heart

The delicate Aura Collection is captivating in 18-carat white gold and the sparkle of the diamonds provides the ultimate WOW factor. Timeless and classic pieces of jewellery that will certainly give you lasting enjoyment.

Young and effervescent:

Balou Heart

The “Balou Heart” collection appears very young and effervescent thanks to the heart-shaped coloured gemstones – the ideal companion for every day. Finished in 18-carat gold but also perfect for a special evening. The pieces of jewellery can be easily combined thanks to the colour and design.

For a special person:

Heart Mini

As already mentioned, the heart has long been the symbol of love. The Wagner “Heart Mini” Collection is captivating in 18-carat gold, a delicate pavé line of diamonds framing the heart shape. For special moments with a very special person!

For the grand entrance:

Heart Special

There are occasions in life that call for special pieces of jewellery and the “Heart Special” is dedicated to precisely these occasions. Pieces of jewellery such as this magnificent necklace or the sparkling earrings that you don’t wear every day, but rather take out for a special gala dinner, your wedding day or an evening at the opera.

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