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Gold and platinum occupy a special position as jewellery materials. Both of these precious metals define the character of high quality jewellery. <br />


The particular charm of gold is based on its rarity. Unlike silver, this costly precious metal does not oxidise, instead retaining all of its brilliance. However, gold which is almost pure is too soft for the manufacture of jewellery. Fine gold, with the highest possible fineness of 24 karat, is only used for minting coins. The gold content of an alloy in karat (kt) is specified by law. This indicates the proportion of precious metal in alloys, and must be marked on precious metal objects weighing over 5 grams by means of a hallmark, the purity mark. 18 karat corresponds to 750 parts of gold by weight while 14 karat corresponds to 585 parts.

This indicator is not to be confused with the unit of weight referred to as the carat (ct) which applies to coloured gems and diamonds. The respective quantity of the added material in an alloy influences the colour of the gold and also the durability of this fine jewellery material. For example, white gold consists of a gold alloy to which palladium has been added. Rose gold is created by adding silver. Particularly in the field of luxury watches, new patented precious metal alloys have been developed in recent years in order to make the watch case or the bezel more resistant. With these new alloys also, the fineness must be indicated by a corresponding hallmark.


Platinum is regarded as the rarest, purest and most precious metal for jewellery. It is tougher than the various gold alloys. By contrast with gold alloys, the surface of platinum is almost impervious to damage. Special techniques (for example in the case of polishing) and special tools are necessary in order to work platinum. Platinum 950 is not only used for the manufacture of jewellery set with diamonds. This rare precious metal is also suitable for the manufacture of watch cases for special limited edition models.

In the Juwelier Wagner goldsmiths’ workshop, jewellery is produced exclusively in 18 karat white, yellow and rose gold and platinum. The special character of our Solitaire Collection jewellery is determined by 18 karat white, rose and yellow gold and also platinum, and in the case of selected jewellery items also in combination with gold and platinum, as for example in the Solitaire No1 and Solitaire & Twins Collections. The question of which of these precious jewellery metals you opt for depends entirely on your individual preference.

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