Happy Dreams

Happy Dreams

Inspired by clouds and borne upon the gentle wings of fanciful reveries, the Happy Dreams collection – launched in 2016 to mark the 40th birthday of moving diamonds – takes the world’s most joyful diamonds on an ethereal fantastical journey. Chopard now presents new interpretations in a range of dainty colours reflecting the soft charm of textured mother-of-pearl.

Lightness, motion, inspiration and stunning horizons. Looking resolutely skyward and head in the clouds, the famous moving diamonds continue their dazzling waltz across a ‘heavenly’ stage with the Happy Dreams collection. Joyful, whirling Happy Diamonds have been punctuating Chopard’s finest hours since 1976. Happy Dreams with its interwoven circles and its round, full curves introduces a new play on light. Inspired by clouds, these dreamily poetic jewellery creations invite the imagination to roam freely through the realms of space. Three mobile diamonds dance around a first central circle surrounded by two or three other intertwining circles.

Mother-of-pearl cocoon

Gracing new pendants and new rings, diamonds spin inside an airily soft textured mother-of-pearl cocoon. Against this shimmering background evoking the exquisite fluffiness of clouds, moving diamonds whirl between two sapphire crystals. Designed to match the latest Happy Sport watch models, these creations appear in delicate pastel shades. The diamond-set 18-carat white gold versions feature a sky-blue colour evoking the cradle of dreams, while the polished 18-carat rose gold variations are adorned with textured mother-of-pearl in pink – epitomising femininity and embodying the filter of optimism (as in rose-tinted spectacles) – or pure and timeless white. All driven by the same momentum and inspired by the same horizon: that of freedom and Joie de Vivre.

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