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    Keeping your precious jewellery and watches safe

    Whenever they are not being worn, your sparkling precious items should always be kept in a secure safe. Ideally, they should be kept in a jewellery case which is specially designed to fit the piece – such as the cases we provide at Juwelier Wagner. This will ensure the long-lasting beauty of your jewellery, because pieces kept in this way cannot rub against each other or become wedged together, leading to scratching and other kinds of damage. Pearls, in particular, will be damaged if they are not properly kept and thereby come into contact with other jewellery. It is therefore advisable to keep pearls in a pearl pouch or jewellery case. In addition, jewellery which is intended as a gift is specially enhanced by the exclusive gift packaging provided by the House of Wagner.

    Watch box, leather cassette, travel case

    If you wear a watch, you will choose your personal favourite for the day depending on the occasion or as the mood takes you. The famous watch brands offered at Juwelier Wagner come with high quality boxes which provide a perfect storage option, as well as a stylish way of presenting a watch as a gift. When a watch is sold, the original box is always important as well as the warranty certificate and the sales bill. For optimal transport or storage of one or more watches when you are travelling, leather boxes or cylindrical containers are available. It is important to note that watches in particular should never be exposed to bright sunshine for lengthy periods when they are not being worn, but should instead be kept in a place with a moderate temperature. With complicated watches which have automatic movements, it is recommended that you use a watch winder which will keep these watches going even when they are not being worn. If movements are not wound for lengthy periods, lubricants can become resinous, which will cause the bearings to stick together, resulting in the movement no longer running as accurately as it should.



    In other respects also, the matter of security is very important, specifically when it comes to insuring valuable jewellery and watches. It is advisable to photograph jewellery and watches and to document them on a list with a precise description of each individual piece. For security purposes, you should also photograph sales bills, warranty cards with case numbers and certificates (GIA certificate, HRD diamond certificate, Juwelier Wagner diamond certificate).

    Whether you upload to the data cloud or store the data on a USB stick, in the worst-case scenario all documentation with images can be quickly and easily forwarded.
    A more traditional procedure is to keep these documents in a folder.

    On the subject of security, a few further important points apply in regard to jewellery and watches: in the event of a claim, a household insurance policy will only cover jewellery and watches up to a defined value if they are “exposed”, i.e. if they are not kept in a safe. It is therefore advisable to obtain detailed information from your insurance company concerning their safety requirements. Only then will you be able to get rapid and straightforward assistance in the event of a claim. The highest level of security is provided by safes in which both jewellery and watches can be kept in the best possible way, in the high-quality watch boxes provided by watch companies and the properly fitting jewellery cases provided by Juwelier Wagner. A very wide variety of models is available, including extremely high-end safes (in some cases fitted with integrated watch winders) which can form a stylish item of furniture for your living room. Following a “security check” based on the points listed above, you can be quite sure that your fine jewellery and watches are being kept in the best possible way.