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Mother’s Day at Juwelier Wagner

Mother’s Day, which originates from the United States, has been celebrated for over 100 years. On 12 May 1907 the daughter of Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis organised the first Memorial Mother’s Day Meeting as a tribute to her deceased mother. She had 500 white carnations sent to her local church and these were distributed to other mothers. <br /> written by Vicky Heiler & Katharina Hingsammer - The Daily Dose<br />

In subsequent years this symbol of gratitude to mothers was established and the second Sunday in May was officially designated as Mother’s Day. And justifiably so! We can’t express all the gratitude we feel for our mothers in words or with 500 carnations, but we love having this opportunity to celebrate our mothers, whom we have a lot to thank for, from the bottom of our hearts!

Jewels for Mother's Day:

Jewellery is always a wonderful way of giving a special person a special gift. Jewellery is generally worn close to our body and our hearts, an adornment that is always with us with a very special sparkle! For this reason, we paid a visit to Jeweller Wagner in the heart of the city to coincide with Mother’s Day 2019 and picked out a few of our personal favourites for this coming Sunday!

What do you give mom for Mother's Day?

Juwelier Wagner has a varied and impressive selection, but a few very special pieces of jewellery immediately caught our eye for Mother’s Day. For over 100 years the day we celebrate mothers has been associated with flowers, so why not give flowers in the form of jewellery?

The ear rings from Wagner’s Flora Classic Collection combine delicate rose gold with beautiful mother of pearl and a diamond inside the flower. In Roman mythology, Flora is the goddess of spring and what could be more fitting for Mother’s Day than blossoming spring?

Less floral, and yet just as special are the slender chains from the Wagner Collection. Whether it’s a heart or a sparkling pendant from the Bloom Collection – these gift ideas for Mother’s Day are a timeless present for eternity!

The young and colourful Balou Collection from Wagner invites you to combine and collect thanks to the diversity of its design. We love the idea of giving your mother pleasure year after year with new pieces that harmonise perfectly and can be worn together!

written by Vicky Heiler & Katharina Hingsammer – The Daily Dose

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