The Wagner film
„Home of Diamonds and Time“

Home of Diamonds and Time

This short film was born of the desire to record in moving images the special feel-good atmosphere ofJuwelier Wagner on Kärntner Strasse in Vienna.

Not only are the premises at the headquarters of the family business, Juwelier Wagner, unique, but technical implementation of the film is equally unusual. Hilde Dalik and Alexander Pschill make up the principal cast in this short story, told with touch of humour. 

The exceptional cinematic technique

Based on "freeze frame" techniques, the entire film was shot in one single continuous camera pan.

Only the camera moves, while the actors linger silent and motionless in each of the film's scenes. For the frozen objects, such as flowing champagne or immobile raindrops, 3D objects were inserted into the film, portrayed realistically and given a musical underpinning.

The flowing together of modern and unusual cinematic techniques gives the viewer the sensation of finding themselves inside a still photo, with only the perspective changing. 

The camera pan

The continuous camera pan commences at Kärntner Strasse in front of the jewellery store display window.

Via a crane shot along the portal, the camera travels up to the first floor, looking in on the watch workshop, crosses the "bel étage", and then leads the viewer over the grand staircase into the lavish rooms on the ground floor. Travelling along the open hearth, the camera finally leads via the customer bar to the 4-metre-high waterfall. The dénouement of the story, the end of the film, takes place with an image of the exit in front of the jewellery display on Kärntner Strasse.

A family business amid changing times
Since 1917, the family business Juwelier Wagner has stood for premium, ageless jewellery design of the highest quality. Each individual epoch has comprised new challenges as well as new opportunities. The ever-present spirit of innovation in the house of Wagner offers permanence and continuity through changing times.

Cast & Crew – Extract
Principal cast: Hilde Dalik and Alexander Pschill, Producer: Helmut Feier, Director & producer:Andreas Kreimaier, Camera (DoP): Marcus Pohlus, Compositing Artist: Constatin Borchert,Film music: Markus Kienzl, Tania Saedi 

© Juwelier Wagner, Vienna, 2012