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Perfect brilliance

The wonderful radiance of cut diamonds has been a source of delight for centuries. They exert an almost magical attraction, and are regarded as the finest, most valuable and most popular of gems. In spite of this, the properties of diamonds make them the most everyday of ornamental stones, on account of their extreme hardness.
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Master goldsmiths at Wagner

The master goldsmiths at Wagner recommend that in the care of jewellery which is set with diamonds the following points should be observed: when you are working in the house or garden, or doing sport of a demanding kind, it is advisable to take off any jewellery which is set with diamonds. If you just want to get something done quickly and you don’t want to pay special attention to the ring you are wearing, there is a risk that the ring band will be scratched or the setting of the fine stones will be damaged.

In addition, 18 karat gold is not as robust as diamonds, and the polished surface can easily be scratched. The setting may also be damaged, for example the prong holding the stone. As a result the diamond may no longer be held securely in its setting and might be lost. It is advisable to have the setting checked from time to time in the workshops of Juwelier Wagner, and to have it tightened up if necessary.

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Juwel with diamonds

To ensure that diamond jewellery is properly protected when it is not being worn, it should be placed in a suitable box and must on no account be transported loose. Naturally the same applies in regard to chains and necklaces.

However, looking after diamond jewellery is generally not a complicated matter. At most, a diamond may become dirty if it is worn frequently, for example as a result of cosmetics collecting on the faceted surface.

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To restore the diamond to its former brilliance, these residues can be carefully removed with soapy water and a very soft toothbrush. Once cleaned, the jewellery should then be carefully dried with a soft lint-free cloth.

If you prefer to have your favourite jewellery professionally cleaned, the small investment you will be making in maintaining its value is certainly worth while. Juwelier Wagner is happy to offer this service. We use ultrasound technology to remove all residues, even in places that are difficult to get at. The process is entirely risk-free and restores your jewellery to its former brilliance. Ring bands can also be carefully polished, restoring their original shine. In this way the pleasure you take in your Wagner jewellery will remain undiminished.

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