Rings: Exquisite diversity

Rings: Exquisite diversity

A ring is a piece of jewellery that has always possessed great symbolic meaning. It often points to a very special connection. What is more, thanks to its many different designs, such a classic item of jewellery fits with almost every occasion. Rings as jewellery were already widespread back in ancient Roman times. Rings were made of bronze or iron, but even back then, they were also already being made from precious metals. Besides classical rings made of iron, which served as functional keyrings, it would appear that golden rings were equivalent to today's wedding rings.

Engagement and wedding rings

A sign of love and fidelity

Engagement and wedding rings with a closed ring band have a particular symbolic meaning, elegantly expressed by the closed form, without a discernible beginning or end. The engagement ring symbolises the promise of marriage to come. The wedding ring serves as a constant visible sign and reminder of love and fidelity.

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Both traditional and contemporary:

Giving the gift of a ring

A ring is fitting not only as a special gift for ladies, but also for gentlemen, and may represent, for example, a permanent memento of a special event such as an anniversary with particular personal significance, or the achievement of a life objective.

One question repeatedly asked is this:

How is the ring worn?

The question of which hand and which finger on which to wear a ring is a personal one and a matter of individual choice

Engagement rings are mostly worn on the ring finger and, after marriage, worn together with the wedding ring.

Since the ring fingers of both hands are subject to far less active use than thumbs, index fingers or middle fingers, they are ideally suited for wearing a ring. However, this does not mean to suggest that there are any limitations – depending on personal preference, a ring may be worn as a piece of jewellery on any other finger too.

What is more, a ring is often the first item of jewellery chosen, and is followed by a matching necklace, corresponding earrings or a bracelet from the same collection.

The right size:

Measuring ring size

There are a few considerations to bear in mind when purchasing a ring. First of all, it is essential to establish the correct ring size. Cold or heat affect finger circumference, and it is essential to bear this in mind when determining size. It is not possible to make retrospective size adjustments with all rings. If adjustments are made, careful attention needs to be paid to any name or date engravings on the inside of the ring.

Elaborate or special ring designs or rings with stone insets cannot be adjusted in size, and this must be borne in mind when selecting a ring. Wider ring bands will require different dimensions from narrow ring bands, since the thickness of a ring is of key importance.

The question of which ring, in which size and which design, suits a particular individual, can be discussed in a personal consultation at Juwelier Wagner.

If a ring is to be ordered from the Wagner online shop and the wearer’s ring size is not yet known, the Wagner team recommends that it should be measured using the Wagner ring gauge. Ring Size Measurer >

For rings with stone insets that are worn frequently, it is also advisable to have a regular check on the setting of precious stones or diamonds. The goldsmiths’ studio at Juwelier Wagner can undertake this check on your behalf and offers a competent and professional service.

A sign of unity:

Engagement or wedding rings

Engagement or wedding rings generally have a closed ring band without a diamond setting. Often, such rings are also engraved on the inside. Minimal size adjustments are usually possible, but account must be taken of any engraving.

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Exceptional accents:

A diamond as focal point

A solitaire diamond lends an exceptional accent to a closed ring band, and an open claw setting sets off the brilliance of a diamond particularly well. The combination of a simple ring band and solitaire diamond results in an exquisitely attractive interplay.

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Solitaire No6

Solitaire No16

Solitaire No6

Solitaire No14

Solitaire No16

Solitaire No4

Solitaire No4 Princess

Sheer brilliance:

Close-set diamonds

A closed ring band with a row of diamonds influences the character of a ring in a distinctive way. The diamonds lend brilliance to the simple ring form, highlighting the understated elegance of such a creation.

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Open design

A ring band can also be very contemporary, with an open design. A diamond setting gives this type of ring a very subtle appearance. In this fresh and creative design, the blue Wagner sapphire adds an additional attractive accent.

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Mother of pearl and rose gold:

A flower to fall in love with

Here, mother of pearl and rose gold are combined in the most delicate of forms. At the same time, the flower design is an expression of playful joie de vivre. The diamond in the middle of the heart-shaped flower adds an enchanting touch to this creation.


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Perennial stars:

Glittering floral splendour

Rings for making a big entrance in masterfully-executed flower arrangements exude elegant opulence. Together with a matching collier and earrings, this is an exquisite and unique ensemble for very special occasions.


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The spirit of summer:

Iridescent mother of pearl

The fine shimmer of mother of pearl is accentuated particularly well when combined with rose gold and diamonds. This fine natural product can be translated stylishly and in perfect form into a distinctive design language.

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Colourful variety:

Coloured gemstones

Rings with coloured gemstones such as amethyst, citrine, peridot, rose quartz, tourmaline or topaz in special cut shapes, combined with rose gold, bring vivid colours into play. This creates accessories that are not only beautiful in form, but also colourful.


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Spectacular size:

A sparkling statement

Wide ring bands, whether with or without a diamond setting, define these striking pieces of jewellery in rose gold. The character of the ring, which is both a design statement and a piece of jewellery, can vary depending on the type of setting chosen.


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Solo performance or ensemble:

Colourful accents

Rings with coloured gemstones not only lend themselves to being worn solo. In an ensemble, they create an extremely attractive interplay, with an infinite number of possible combinations.

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Natural beauty:


Rings with pearls bring out the mystically shimmering shine of this natural material particularly well. These rings are the perfect accessory, both for everyday wear and elegant occasions.


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Like the stars in the night sky:


A ring band in rose gold or white gold, with a pavé setting and the highest-quality brilliant-cut diamonds, is a fitting accessory for extra special occasions. In terms of brilliance, such exquisite creations are second to none.


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Rings of honour

From the Middle Ages until modern times, finely-worked rings for both secular and spiritual rulers have been a visible sign of the highest dignity, as well as the wearer’s claim to power.

Rings of honour, such as the rings designed and produced by Juwelier Wagner for honorary members of the Vienna State Opera since 2004 and for the Viennese Burgtheater since 2010, enjoy a particular status.

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Ringe: Vielfalt, Schönheit, Exklusivität

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