Sparkling Summer

Sparkling Summer

Finally! Summer is here! Balmy summer evenings, floaty summer dresses, the beach & the sea are the order of the day! What’s missing? That's right, the matching jewellery! Written and photographed by Julia Schloß @julietta_mademoiselle

I would like to present three selected Wagner Collections for the summer season:

The sparkle of drops of seawater


A collection that is especially apt now, in summer – because CALA was once inspired by the sparkle of the drops of seawater on the sandy bays cut into the rocks in the western Mediterranean.

The pieces of jewellery are made of 18 carat white gold with diamonds, making their owner shine – not only in summer, but as a daily companion all year round!




Unforgettable times by the sea


Mother of pearl is a material that immediately brings to mind the sea, a holiday feeling and summer, which is why it’s so popular not only for jewellery but also for works of art. The jewellery is finished in 18 carat rosé – partly enhanced with diamonds.

For me, the collection immediately brings back childhood memories: as a child, I loved to search the beach for washed-up shells with my mother early in the morning on holiday – I still like to do that today, by the way ?




Feelings of happiness


This collection represents the sense of pleasure you get when you find self-expression through an activity. Perhaps that is also the reason why this collection has been my absolute favourite from Wagner from the start. Finally, a few years ago, after finishing my law degree, I realised I needed a break from law and dedicated myself to my great passion – fashion & photography – which still makes me very happy. The design of the Rivière Flow Collection symbolises strength and optimism – something you definitely need when you’re self-employed ?

The jewellery pieces are made of different gold colours (18 carat white/rosé/yellow gold), with or without diamonds, and can be combined to suit your personal taste.

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