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Style-Guide: Which necklace for which occasion?

So, you take one last look in the mirror before leaving home, and you notice that something is missing – that certain something. The solution is a special piece of jewellery, a sparkling necklace. But which necklace suits which occasion? Should the chain be short or long? Either intricate and delicate, or preferably opulent and flamboyant, a real eye catcher? It is not always easy making the right choice, and so today we are providing a brief overview of the options. Author and photographer: Julia Schloß.


Delicate ease for everyday

There are pieces of jewellery, preferably delicate and intricate but still on trend, that quite simply always fit and which are perfect for each and every day – like the Rivière-Flow collier or the Cala necklace; the Cala illustrates how a pendant (in this case representing a drop of sea water) always makes a chain appear optically longer.



Rivière-Flow (rose gold)

Rivière-Flow (white gold)


Business attire

In professional life, minimalist, yet timeless and elegant jewellery is recommended, such as the Solitaire No 6 necklace or the chain from the Secrets Drop Collection. Like all jewellery from the House of Wagner, these too are autographed with the blue Wagner sapphire.

Tip: of course, your necklace should be in harmony with the rest of your jewellery, so ideally it is worth choosing a full set from the outset, so as to ensure that your rings, earrings and all your other items are perfectly coordinated with one another.

Solitaire (white gold)

Solitaire (rose gold)

Secrets Drops

Secrets Drops


Fresh as the spring

Jewellery with a floral design is perfect for the spring, such as the wonderfully sparkling Bloom necklace, which consists of diamonds set side by side in the form of an opened flower bud, or for something more understated, there is the Flora necklace, consisting of petals made from mother of pearl.

The classic and most popular length of chain is between 42 cm and 44 cm. This length is especially effective above all with timeless and exclusive jewellery intended to give pleasure over many years. There is also the option of having an intermediate link so you can make the chain longer if you wish – however, it is best to clarify this before purchasing. This enables the length of the chain to be adjusted simply and easily to a particular outfit or a particular occasion.

Flora Classic Small

Flora Diamond Medium

Bloom X-Small

Bloom Medium

Bloom Large

Flora Diamond Large

Flora Classic Duo


Romantic moments

Over dinner for two with the one you love most, when your jewellery is striving to outshine the sparkle in your eyes, you need to treat yourself to something even more special – like the Rivière Brillant collier or the beautiful necklace from the Signature Collection.


Rivière Brillant (Rose gold)

Rivière Brillant (white gold)


Big moments

Whether you are receiving a great honour, attending an unforgettable ball, or a very special evening of fine dining – there are moments in life one never forgets. And precisely such moments are the time to reach for something more striking – like a collier from the Masterpiece Collection, which embodies pure elegance, or from the Secrets Collection, where perfectly cut rows of diamonds sparkle as brightly as the stars in the sky.

Tip: it is always a good idea to align a necklace to the proportions of the wearer; is the wearer in question of small or large stature and frame, and is their neck long and narrow, or broader?


Secrets Special



A chain of pearls is a true classic; it stands for elegance and natural beauty. Rarely has a piece of jewellery been so versatile – no matter whether worn extravagantly to complement a black rollneck sweater, or in the style of a ‘grande madame’ for an opera performance, as that certain ‘something’ in combination with diamonds – you can never go wrong with a chain of pearls!


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