The interplay of beautiful colours

Worn as a harmonious bouquet of colour or individually, coloured gems are always in season and create an appealing look. Set in gold, coloured gems have for centuries adorned precious pieces of jewellery and works of art.

7 - 8 on the Mohs hardness scale

Gems of the quartz group

This is not just down to their rarity and their vibrant colourfulness, which ensures a special effect whether the gem is an amethyst, a citrine, a chalcedony, a topaz, a peridot, a rose quartz or a white quartz.

Having a hardness of 7 – 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, these “quartz group” gems are comparatively easy to work and are therefore suitable for setting in pieces of jewellery.

Balou & More Diamonds

Balou & More Cushion

Balou & More Diamonds

Different cut forms ensure an effective look. For rose quartz and white quartz, a smooth cut or a cabochon cut are suitable. Translucent gems, on the other hand, benefit from a multi-facetted cut, for example the princess, heart or baguette cut, the better to bring out their colour and purity.

wagner farbedelstein rosenquarz

Symbol of love:

Rose quartz

Rose quartz has a pinky-red colour. Cut in a heart shape, it is a favourite coloured gem.

Balou Heart

Balou Heart

Balou & More Heart

Balou & More Heart

Honey yellow to sky blue:

The topaz

The blue topaz is one of the most sought-after of coloured gems and has a unique, warm-hearted radiance. However, it is also available in colour variants of honey yellow, brown, golden yellow, sky blue and pink.

Balou & More Diamonds

Living Stones Diamonds Small

Jolie Cushion

Jolie Emerald Cut

Colourful effects:

The citrine

The light to dark yellow citrine – which like the amethyst, and the peridot with its warm green colour, is one of the crystalline quartzes – also makes an attractive colour statement.

Balou Classic

Balou & More Square

Balou Cushion

Balou Pyramid Large

A violet beauty:

The amethyst

In combination or worn on its own as an exquisite and eye-catching gem, the particular style of these choice coloured gems are seen at their best. The already mentioned amethyst from the crystalline quartz family, with its different colour shades, is particularly impressive in rings, pendants and earrings. The colour variants range from a pure transparent violet to a medium to dark violet.

Balou & More Round

Balou Ellipse

Living Stones Diamonds Large

Jolie Emerald Cut

An eye-catching gem:

The chalcedony

The chalcedony, an equally popular gem from the quartz group of minerals, also makes an eye-catching solitaire in rings or pendants.

Cufflinks Special

Balou Wave & Diamonds

Many variants:

Gems accompanied by diamonds

In the richly varied Wagner Balou Collection in rose gold and white gold from Juwelier Wagner, the above mentioned coloured gems are available in different cuts and in skilful settings. Surrounded by diamonds, these pieces in the Balou & More Diamonds range have a truly special magic. The different combinations provide variety, ensuring that wearing your jewellery is an exquisite pleasure at any time of year.

Balou & More Square

Balou & More Diamonds

Balou & More Square

Balou & More Oval

Balou & More Square

Balou & More Round

Balou & More Round

Balou & More Oval

The possible variations provided by stacking rings – where several rings with different coloured gems are worn on one finger or on one hand – are numerous. The endlessly new colour combinations can be individually matched to your personal style.

Wagner Juwelen with coloured gems

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