The Wagner gift guide 2019

The Wagner gift guide 2019

Christmas is fast approaching, which means we are looking forward to numerous celebrations and sparkling parties. There is almost no time of year that offers so many occasions to show off our best pieces of jewellery than the festive weeks of December. Not without good reason, then, jewellery is one of the most popular Christmas gifts – it is often difficult to express in words how much we love and value another person, and an attractive box from Juwelier Wagner with something precious inside can help us out. A gift of jewellery is always a good idea, but what ought you to bear in mind when you give jewellery? In this year’s Wagner gift guide we not only show you our personal favourites from the House of Wagner, but also give away some secret tips as to what you need to think about when you give jewellery. Written by Katharina Hingsammer and Vicky Heiler - The Daily Dose

Jewellery as a Christmas gift – what you should look out for:

  1. What is the preferred precious metal: Does your loved one wear mostly rosé gold? If so, you will find jewellery in the right precious metal here. If she prefers white gold or platinum, any jewellery you give in future should also go with her personal collection.
  2. The type of jewellery: Jewellery is of course regarded in particular as a symbol of love, but the symbolism also varies from piece to piece. For example, a ring with diamonds in a heart shape or a solitaire stone is often linked with that special question. These background considerations also need to be taken into account when you are giving jewellery.
  3. The right ring size: If you give a truly wonderful ring at Christmas time, the chances are that the lucky recipient will want to wear it immediately. She will be all the more delighted if the ring actually fits. Our tip: quietly put another ring belonging to your loved one on your own finger (generally the little finger) and try to use the fit as a guide when choosing your gift.
  4. The right moment: Whether you are making a romantic proposal with a ring, or giving a timeless pair of earrings or a necklace with a particular meaning – choosing the right moment to present your gift will make it even more special. For special gifts, we generally think that a private moment when you can be alone together is best.
  5. Do a bit of spying: There’s just a week to go before Christmas and you still don’t have a plan for what piece of jewellery will really hit the spot? We recommend you do a bit of gentle window shopping, just the two of you. This can often give you plenty of ideas!

Gift guide: Our favourites from Wagner

Rosé gold is and always will be a totally fantastic precious metal. The ring and bangle with diamonds from the Signature Collection were love at first sight for us! These pieces are total eye-catchers but can also be brilliantly combined with casual looks for every day.

The Aura Collection is brilliant in 18 karat rosé, white or yellow gold – which brings us back to the question of what precious metal your loved one prefers: here there is something for everyone, for example the Aura Classic ring in the heart shape.

One of our personal favourites from Juwelier Wagner is the Rivière Collection, inspired by the shimmering, flowing band of lights in the night sky of the Rivièra. Each individual piece of this collection, whether it be the bracelet or the ear rings or the necklace or the ring, has a timeless and elegant design and at the same time sparkles like the stars in the night sky.

Written by Katharina Hingsammer and Vicky Heiler – The Daily Dose

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