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    Ring of Honour for Adam Fischer

    In January 2017, the conductor Adam Fischer was publicly awarded honorary membership of the Wiener Staatsoper. In his award speech, Director Dominique Meyer traced Adam Fischer’s international career, emphasising his many years of association with the Staatsoper.
    In his speech of thanks, Adam Fischer said: “This is an incredible honour. I have spent my entire life here. When I was a student, I would come four or five times a week for a “standing” ticket, then I became chorus repetiteur, and for the past 36 years I have been able to conduct here. The Wiener Staatsoper is part of my life.” Christian Kircher spoke of the stringent requirements that have to be met in order to obtain honorary membership of the Wiener Staatsoper: the director of the Staatsoper makes the proposal, the Bundestheater-Holding and the works councils have to agree, and the Minister of Culture announces the award.