The present

Today, Juwelier Wagner is one of the few jewellery firms in Austria which has both a state-of-the-art in-house jewellery workshop and a watch workshop. For the house of Wagner, experience, skill and resources in the traditional crafts constitute an essential element of the enduring quality and value of the jewellery and watches on offer.

Juwelier Wagner is a modern business, family-run for generations, with long-term concepts, as well as being dynamic, with positive visions for the future. Juwelier Wagner has solid foundations and will soon be able to boast a whole century of experience and know-how.

Austria’s first Hublot Boutique

In 2014 Juwelier Wagner opened the first and only Hublot Boutique in Austria, in collaboration with the Swiss luxury watch brand.

At the opening ceremony, Jean-Claude Biver (CEO of Hublot) spoke about the history of the brand and its visions. Hermann and Katharina Gmeiner-Wagner welcomed the invited guests as hosts at the new sales premises at the exclusive Viennese address in the heart of the inner city.  The Boutique premises are at Kohlmarkt 10, Vienna 1, with interior design based on the high-end Hublot interior design concept, “the art of fusion”. The event area on the lower ground floor has an area of over 400 m2 for presentations and events.

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2012 The Wagner Film „Home of Diamonds and Time“

The film arose from the desire to record the very special feel-good atmosphere of Wagner in moving pictures. The uniqueness of the premises at the Wagner flagship store is paralleled by the exceptional nature of the film's technical implementation. Hilde Dalik and Alexander Pschill are the principal performers.

The unique technique:  Based on the freeze-frame technique, the entire film was shot in a single uninterrupted travelling camera shot. Only the camera moves, while the actors linger in each scene of the film without speaking or moving. 

First Rolex boutique in Austria

2011 - The opening of the first Rolex boutique in Austria, with a separate entrance at the exclusive location of Tuchlauben 2 in the inner city of Vienna, attests to the outstanding relationship between Rolex and Juwelier Wagner.

As the first official registered Rolex outlet in Austria, Juwelier Wagner has, since 1954, made a key contribution to the watch brand's presence in Vienna. The partnership is characterized by trust and reciprocal respect, and has been strengthened through opening of the Rolex Boutique by Wagner. 

In the Boutique premises, which are exclusively dedicated to Rolex watches and designed to reflect the visual and aesthetic identity of the Rolex brand, the customer is welcomed in an exclusive setting. The Boutique offers its clientele the high quality standard on which Rolex's famed excellence is built. 

2010 Opening of Juwelier Wagner's second location

In November 2011, Juwelier Wagner opened its new premises right in the heart of Vienna, at Graben 21/Tuchlauben 2.

Spread over a spacious 700 m2, jewellery and watches of the highest quality are displayed. The spacious store concept with its feel-good atmosphere, as well as the colour theme and forms, are based on those of the flagship store in Vienna's Kärntner Strasse and have here been explored further in the new location. A 4-metre-high and 8-metre-wide waterfall is situated in the Rolex Boutique by Wagner.

Luxury brands at Juwelier Wagner, Vienna 1, Graben 21/Tuchlauben 2: Wagner Juwelen Design, Rolex, Bulgari, Hublot, Chopard, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Breitling, Tudor, Longines, TAG Heuer, Baume & Mercier

Luxury brands at Juwelier Wagner, Vienna 1, Kärntner Strasse 32: Wagner Juwelen Design, Rolex, Bulgari, Hublot, Chopard, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Breitling, Longines, TAG Heuer, Chanel

Spacious, bright store premises with a feel-good atmosphere
Juwelier Wagner, Graben 21 / Tuchlauben 2, Vienna

2010 Ring of honour of the Viennese Burgtheater

The Burgtheater awards honorary membership to artists and performers who have rendered exceptional services to the Theatre. Since 2010, all new members are also given a ring of honour.

The design of the ring of honour was elaborated in the house of Wagner in close collaboration with the Viennese Burgtheater. For each honorary member, the ring is specially made in the Wagner goldsmiths' studio, in 18-carat white gold with a red carnelian in the centre. On its outside surface, the precious stone shows the façade of the Burgtheater, while on the inner side of the ring is a detailed depiction of the auditorium. On the inner side of the red carnelian is an engraving of the stage curtain. The Burgtheater's ring of honour is individually tailored for the future wearer, personalized with name engraving and autographed using the blue Wagner sapphire with engraved Wagner "W".

Those who have been awarded the ring to date:
Kammerschauspieler Michael Heltau (doyen of the Viennese Burgtheater), Kammerschauspielerin Marianne Düringer (doyenne of the Viennese Burgtheater), Kammerschauspieler Gert Voss.


2005 Customer events at the house of Wagner

Spectacular customer events, such as hoisting of the new Porsche Panamera to the first floor, became possible as a result of forward-looking structural changes.

Working with great precision to the nearest millimetre, experts hoisted the 2-tonne luxury car through the sliding window, which can be opened as far as 220 cm, and onto the first floor of Juwelier Wagner.

An aircraft was also "launched" on the first floor. The 12-metre-long jet protruded 4 metres onto Kärntner Strasse.

Aircraft "launch" on the first floor of Juwelier Wagner, 2007

The flagship store is expanded and redesigned

The secret behind the feel-good atmosphere at the Wagner store lies in its spaciousness, discriminating design and high-quality interior decoration. The overall impression created by the light-filled rooms is characterized by dark, fine wood, extensive sandstone elements and large internal display windows. The open presentation of precious jewellery and watches is an invitation to browse and linger a while. Beverages are on offer at the customer bar. For meetings and discussions, discreetly screened-off seating areas are available. An open fireplace and an 8-metre wide and 4-metre high waterfall constitute particular architectural highlights.  As a result of realizing this visionary project, Juwelier Wagner has gained both national and international recognition and set new standards..

2004 Vienna State Opera ring of honour

The Vienna State Opera awards honorary membership to artists and performers who have rendered exceptional services to culture and Viennese opera. Since 2004, new members are also awarded a ring of honour for their outstanding dedication.

The Vienna State Opera's ring of honour was designed in the Wagner Jewellery Workshop. It is created at the house of Wagner individually for each honorary member, then engraved and autographed using the blue Wagner sapphire with engraved Wagner "W".


1991 The blue Wagner sapphire, with engraved Wagner "W", is a signature of authenticity.

Since launch of the Wagner Jewellery Design Collection LeGrale in 1991, all jewellery from the house of Wagner has been autographed using the blue Wagner sapphire with engraved Wagner "W".

This blue precious stone is synonymous among jewellery connoisseurs with stylish and timeless jewellery design, the finest precious materials, and manufacturing quality of the highest order. Discriminating customers appreciate Wagner's own specialist expertise just as they appreciate the leading international brands on offer at Juwelier Wagner.

With the Wagner Jewellery Design Collection LeGrale, the new Collection concept was also introduced; discriminating customers could later turn a single item of jewellery they had previously purchased into a perfect, harmonious set of matching jewellery. Over the next few years, there followed numerous further collections from the Wagner Jewellery Workshop, such as Solitaire, Masterpiece, Rivière and Star Light.

Store premises of Juwelier Wagner in the 1990s
Store entrance of Juwelier Wagner in the 1990s

1990s Expansion: A groundbreaking milestone

At the beginning of the 1990s, visionary corporate management and a love of architecture were the two driving forces behind the initial business expansion leading to structural changes.

The store premises were extended to cover c. 200 m2 and the interior architecture was redesigned in the spirit of the times. 

In addition, spacious offices with adjacent watchmaking workshop and goldsmith's workshop were leased in the building complex on Vienna's Kärntner Strasse. 

The premises on the ground floor were henceforth used exclusively for serving and looking after customers. 

The expanded presentation areas were not only important for high-quality customer service, but they were also the key factor triggering the start of new collaborations with international brands. The Italian luxury brand Bulgari has since this time been a shining example of the luxury jewellery and watch brands offered for sale in the house of Wagner.

1970s and 1980s The third generation

Hermann Gmeiner-Wagner, grandson of the company's founder and current manager and proprietor of the business, became an active member of the family business in 1981.

During studies abroad, he had previously undertaken specialist training as a diamond expert and gemmologist, gathering career experience in the area of luxury goods at international level, both in theory and practice. 

Since 1989, Hermann Gmeiner-Wagner has been wholeheartedly supported by his wife, Katharina, in the business.

The fourth generation of the family business is currently still in education.

Store entrance of Juwelier Wagner in the 1970s

1950s and 1960s Start of a successful partnership

In Juwelier Wagner, this Swiss watch manufacturer now sought and found its first specialist trading partner in Austria.

In 1954, one year before Austria's liberation and newly-created neutrality, promising new contacts were made in Vienna; since its establishment in 1908, the Rolex brand has stood for precision, reliability and continuity of the highest order. In Juwelier Wagner, this Swiss watch manufacturer now sought and found its first specialist trading partner in Austria. It was the beginning of a very successful partnership. 

Since time immemorial, both houses have been linked by their strong entrepreneurial focus on quality assurance as well as constant advancement, at the same time safeguarding familiar values.  

The partnership is based on reciprocal trust, respect and the ambition to offer an impeccable service to the most discriminating of customers.  

1940s Future-oriented decision-making

Elfriede Gmeiner-Wagner, daughter of the company’s founder, had a love of beautiful jewellery and a fascination for the technical intricacies of watches instilled in her right from birth.

In 1949, jointly with her brother Paul Wagner, she took over management of the Viennese family business.

During the challenging time of post-war reconstruction, the house of Wagner evolved to become one of Vienna's leading inner-city jewellers.

Business premises of Juwelier Wagner in the 1940s
In 1917, Paul Wagner establishes Juwelier Wagner in Vienna

1917 The early years of a family business

Paul Wagner, certified master watchmaker, founded the family business in Vienna in 1917. He managed the business, with adjacent watch workshop, jointly with his wife Luise, throughout this turbulent period of history.

Juwelier Wagner sold and repaired watches. In the early years, a radical technical change took place in watchmaking, with customer demand shifting from the previously-common pocket watch to the wristwatch, which was considerably more practical in daily use. 

Over the course of time, the pocket watch was promoted to the status of a stylish gentleman's accessory, still used now in the 21st century for elegant festive occasions such as balls, weddings and official receptions.

The finest jewellery was made to customer requirements at the house of Wagner. During this period, art deco influences were also evident in jewellery design. Individual pieces were made exclusively in precious materials and, even years later, could still be turned into a complete set of jewellery. 

Since the beginning, the company's philosophy has focused on fulfilling the requirements of a discriminating clientele to the highest quality standard.

In the heart of the historical and current prominent Vienna inner city:

Juwelier Wagner
Graben 21/Tuchlauben, 1010 Wien

Brands: Wagner Juwelen Design, Rolex, Bulgari, Chopard, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Hublot, Panerai, Breitling, Longines, TAG Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Tudor

and Austrians first

Rolex Boutique,
Tuchlauben 2

The Headquarter of the family-owned enterprise:

Juwelier Wagner
Kärntner Straße 32, 1010 Wien

Brands: Wagner Juwelen Design, Rolex, Bulgari, Chopard, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, IWC, Hublot, Breitling, Chanel, Longines, TAG Heuer