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    Wagner Solitaire: A Gorgeous Jewel

    The Solitaire Collection from Wagner shows off the diamond in style and spectacular elegance. Connoisseurs of jewellery will really appreciate the exquisite, classic design and the consummate standard of craftsmanship. Wagner’s Solitaire ring is very popular too as a mark of attachment and love for romantic occasions and for marriage proposals. Whether your chosen jewellery is a ring, earrings or a pendant with a chain from the Solitaire Collection, the sparkle of a diamond catches the eye. The compelling charm of this lustrous gem is perfection in itself. A gorgeous jewel…
    Wagner Collection:

    Solitaire No 16

    The supreme radiance of the central, brilliant-cut diamond exerts a magical attraction. The delicate claw setting allows enough light so that the scintillating diamond is shown off to perfection. The large centre stone is flanked by eight smaller diamonds on each side.

    18 carat rose gold

    18 carat white gold

    Wagner Collection:

    Solitaire No 6

    The diamond is the focal point of this classic collection. The stone setting with six fine claws contributes to the appealing elegance of the design. The jewellery has been designed to reveal the intense glitter of the diamond. Solitaire No 6 is very comfortable to wear, which is why it is particularly popular as an engagement ring or as a stackable ring to combine with a wedding ring.

    18 carat rose gold

    18 carat white gold

    WAGNER Solitaire Collections

    Solitaire is a registered trademark of Juwelier Wagner. The distinctive originality that is typical of the exclusive jewellery designs has been maintained for many decades and only finer details have been subtly altered. This has given rise to the following jewellery collections:
    Solitaire No 1: One diamond is held in a platinum bezel setting.
    Solitaire No 6: One diamond is held in a 6-piece claw setting.
    Solitaire No 4: One diamond, either brilliant or princess-cut, is held in a 4-piece claw setting.
    Solitaire No 14: The central diamond is held in a 4-claw setting and flanked by 7 diamonds on each side.
    Solitaire No 16: The central diamond is held in a 6-claw setting and flanked by 8 diamonds on each side.

    You can find further models in the Solitaire No 12, Solitaire Drop and Solitaire Special collections.

    Wagner Collection:

    Solitaire No 4

    This eye-catcher has a sparkling brilliant-cut diamond held in a 4-claw setting. Light is refracted especially well through the partly open setting. In return, the diamond reveals its captivating radiance.

    18 carat white gold 

    Wagner Collection:

    Solitaire No 4 Princess

    The princess-cut diamond is the focal point of this contemporary model and reveals the dazzling stone in its unadorned beauty. The setting with four claws sets off the characteristic baguette-cut diamond to perfection.

    18 carat white gold 

    Wagner Collection:

    Solitaire No 14

    Selected pieces from Wagner’s Haute Joaillerie Collection go to form an exclusive statement with maximum radiance. The large, cushion-cut diamond held in the centre with a four-claw setting is simply stunning. Seven smaller diamonds surround the central diamond, enhancing its beauty.

    18 carat white gold 

    The Wagner Signature:

    The Blue Wagner Sapphire – the Sign of Authenticity

    For almost 30 years, every item of Wagner jewellery, when the design allows, has been signed with the blue Wagner sapphire, engraved with Wagner-W. Jewellery connoisseurs are familiar with the precious blue stone as being synonymous with authentic, timeless jewellery design, the finest precious materials and consummate standards of workmanship.

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    The Wagner box:

    One Look, the Box and “the” Question

    There are several good reasons for the box: On the one hand, it protects your jewellery from scratches or other damage in transport or in storage.

    On the other hand, the act of opening the box adds to the anticipation of discovering the jewellery that lies inside.

    Wagner Gift Package:

    Pleasurable Anticipation

    When you present someone with a gift from Wagner, this always inspires positive feelings. If the jewellery has been chosen together, it will give pleasure to the recipient to finally hold this treasure in their own hands. If the gift is a surprise, it will make the recipient wonder what could possibly be in the mystery package. Anticipation and pleasure are part of a positive attitude to life.

    Diamonds and the 4 Cs

    Carat, Cut, Clarity, Colour

    Diamonds are the most popular and most beautiful precious stone and are at the centre of Wagner’s exclusive Solitaire collection of jewellery. The quality of each diamond is assessed according to four primary criteria in accordance with the strict classification of the 4 Cs (carat, cut, clarity and colour).

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    Wagner’s Original Premises:

    Goldsmith’s Workshop

    Wagner’s current collections are the result of many decades of accumulated expertise in the fields of goldsmithing, gemology and quality assurance. Since Wagner was first founded in 1917, the company has been a byword for the highest quality jewellery. Wagner’s goldsmith’s workshop is situated in Wagner’s main premises in the Kärntner Straße in Vienna.

    Wagner Goldsmith’s Workshop