Watch Out!

Watch Out!

Watches for every occasion and every taste at Juwelier Wagner *written by Vicky Heiler – The Daily Dose

A wristwatch has the original purpose of telling the time, but at the same time it is so much more! There is evidence that portable timepieces were being constructed from the 15th century onwards, originally in the form of pocket watches. Quite a lot has happened since then, and today, in addition to the classic time telling function, a watch typically offers various other noteworthy features, for it is not only an everyday item but also a piece of jewellery and a prestigious object. Two key concepts which inevitably lead us to Juwelier Wagner. It is not for nothing that the company is known as the “Home of Diamonds and Time” …

I used to find it hard to understand why my father took such pleasure in his watch collection. But this has changed in the last few years. Since my first real watch became part of my life and found its place on my wrist, I see it as much more than just a timepiece. I wear it with pride, as a statement accessory. But what makes the perfect watch? Is there such a thing at all? What makes the right watch for a particular occasion? To find out, Kathi and I went to look around Juwelier Wagner and put some of our favourites under the magnifying glass.

Watches for everyday wear

A steel watch is not just the perfect “starter” watch, but a fantastic classic piece for everyday wear. Whether for a business meeting or for relaxing at the weekend, a steel watch always looks right. We were particularly impressed by the Rolex with its ribbed bezel and black dial.

For the sporty look

In terms of price, the Longines brand offers a wonderful entry into the world of watches at Juwelier Wagner. For a modern, sporty look you can also choose a bigger (men’s) model for casual wear.

The comeback of the year

With the “Panthère de Cartier” watch, the 2017 relaunch of its iconic timepiece, the Cartier brand is attracting a lot of attention at the moment. Elegant, timeless and feminine, this women’s watch was first introduced in 1983 and is now more in fashion than ever!

Style tip: Because the Panthère de Cartier is a truly classic small watch, I love the style contrast when it is worn with really modern, Scandinavian-inspired looks or with jeans and a T shirt.

The watch as a piece of jewellery

If you fancy a really special piece of jewellery, you are sure to find what you are looking for in out-of-the-ordinary models such as the Serpenti Tubogas. This watch merges two of the most iconic symbols of Bulgari design: the sinuosity of the snake and contemporary Tubogas technology. This watch has a very special glamour and radiance and emphasises the fashion-consciousness of the wearer.


At Juwelier Wagner you can of course find many other brand watches as well as these models, including world-famous names such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Chopard, TAG Heuer, Hublot, IWC, Panerai, Breitling, Tudor and many more. There’s no better time for a visit to one of the Wagner shops!

Vicky Heiler – The Daily Dose

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