In the Collection, various jewellery items - mainly single pieces - are combined with a special expressive power. The focus is on the extraordinary eardrops, often strikingly large or long, creating a modern and extravagant effect which is sure to cause a stir. The earrings are sometimes accompanied by rings or necklaces, creating a harmonious ensemble.


The diamond is the most beautiful, the hardest and surely the most sought-after of all precious stones. It is the radiant centre piece of the Solitaire Collection from Wagner Juwelen Design, which represents the harmonious interplay of the inner radiant power of the diamond and stylish, timeless Wagner Juwelen Design.


Balou is a young and colourful jewellery collection which is available in an almost unlimited variety of forms. The many different shapes, colours, sizes and types of cut of these coloured gems, some of which are combined with diamonds, will encourage you to collect them and wear the pieces together in a wide variety of individual combinations.


Inspired by the beauty of nature, the Bloom Collection is dedicated to the splendour of flowers. Just as flowers bring joy and enchantment to the observer, so Bloom will make hearts beat faster. A perfect diamond cut and the artistry of the goldsmith and the setter give the jewellery of this extraordinary collection a perfect beauty.


The butterfly with its light, natural beauty has been incorporated in the Butterfly Collection as a central design element. This delicate collection is youthful and fresh, with an enchanting understated elegance. Diamonds give the butterfly a special radiance, as if its wings were sparkling in the sunlight.


Inspired by the glitter of the sea water drops in the sand beaches of the rocky bays in the western Mediterranean, Cala stands for the joy of living. Jewels of this collection are made of 18 karat gold with diamonds and bring sparkling moments of happiness into everyday life. Whether we are dreaming of memories by the sea or enjoying the current moment - jewels of the Collection Cala are our daily companion.


The Collection speaks a clear form language. Puristic, classic and noble, Carmen places simplicity of design at the centre, making the collection an embodiment of perfection and aesthetic beauty. Enhanced with diamonds, this jewellery goes perfectly with the daytime outfit, be it sporty or elegant.


The Cee Collection from Wagner is a contemporary interpretation of the chain, which dates back to the Bronze Age. This collection refines the individual elements of the chain with sparkling diamonds. Cee features a balanced design language, that can be selected in 18 carat yellow, rose, or white gold and can be harmoniously combined in different gold colours.


Century is the visible part of a 100-year history. History that combines the know-how conveyed from generation to generation: the collection combines the elegant forms of Art Deco with precious materials and contemporary spirit. Festive and modern at the same time, Century expresses the personality of the respective wearer by sparkling diamonds.


The fascinating structure of the Colosseum in Ancient Rome was the inspiration for this Jewellery Collection. Reduced to its ideal characteristics, the items in the Colosseo Collection represent an extraordinary form language and puristic beauty, just like its great model from the ancient world.


The form of the drop, symbolising water as a life-giving element, has been incorporated into the Drop Collection and implemented as a design element for fine jewellery. Numerous diamonds give the Drop Collection its sparkle and radiance - like the surface of clear water when lit up by falling sunbeams.

Wedding Rings

Special importance has been attached to classic design and ultimate wearing comfort in these hand-made Wagner wedding rings. Wedding rings are after all mostly worn on a daily basis and should also harmonise with the design of other jewellery items to bring decades of pleasure. We offer our wedding rings in six different widths, in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. We will of course fulfil any personal requests you may have in regard to engraving.


The Cee Collection from Wagner is a contemporary interpretation of the chain, which dates back to the Bronze Age. This collection refines the individual elements of the chain with sparkling diamonds. Cee features a balanced design language, that can be selected in 18 carat yellow, rose, or white gold and can be harmoniously combined in different gold colours.


For thousands of years, the heart has been used as a symbol of love and fidelity, and it still enjoys great popularity and relevance today. Wagner Hearts are available in different designs and sizes. With or without diamond setting, the heart is an unmistakable signs of attachment and harmony, and with its powerful message is often chosen as a gift.


Hoop earrings, in the unmistakable form of large rings, are popular with many women and are offered in the Hoops Collection from Wagner. Available in different sizes and set with diamonds, they have long been a classic in the world of jewellery.

Il Ponte

As an element binding two sides together, the bridge is a symbol of concord and togetherness, and forms the central focus of the design of Il Ponte. The gem, worked to form a bridge symbol, binds together the two sides of piece of jewellery. The simple straight-line form and the choice of fine materials makes this a highly attractive item.


Happy, bright, full of joie de vivre and radiant beauty - this is the Jolie Collection. Glowing colours dominate in this powerfully expressive jewellery, which brings the everyday world to life with its feeling of joy and happiness. The coloured gem, together with the fine quality diamonds, is the undisputed centre of attention in the Jolie Collection.


Just as the history of jewellery has been part of human life for thousands of years, so the history of the chain as a piece of jewellery goes back to the Bronze Age. The typical joining together of movable interconnected links to form a whole is the defining feature of the chain. The links themselves can vary in appearance, giving the chain a different character depending on their shape. Whether your pendant looks best with an anchor chain, a Venetian chain or a snake chain depends on your taste.


For thousands of years the cross, as a major symbol of cultural and religious significance, has also been used as a design element. While the horizontal line symbolises the earth, the vertical points towards heaven. Together, the lines represent an equal binding together of heaven and earth, and point to all four points of the compass.


The Liane Collection offers a particularly varied range of wearing possibilities. With an easily adjustable clasp mechanism, the length of the necklace can be adjusted according to the wearer's neckline. Whether it is worn with a polo neck pullover or a deep cut dress, the right length is quickly altered.

Le Grale

The legendary Jewellery Collection from the House of Wagner was created around the myth of the legendary Holy Grail. The sacred vessel which is the source of life and power. All items in this Collection are unique pieces of jewellery, since the arrangement of the diamonds and coloured stones constantly varies in terms of their number, cut, shape and colour.

Living Stones

The glowing magic of the coloured gems is the focal point of the radiant jewellery from the Living Stones Collection. The harmonious combination of strong tones is shown here to impressive effect. The brilliant sparkling of white diamonds gives the powerful colours even more expressive force, creating a noble effect.


The design of Looping is reminiscent of interlinked or interlaced rings. Diamonds give radiance to these ring elements. Available either in classic form consisting of three different gold colours, or in the extravagant version with white and black diamonds, this jewellery set makes a fresh and youthful ensemble.


The culmination of the finest and most perfect jewellery is combined in the Masterpiece Collection. Predominantly produced as individual items, this jewellery represents the perfect combination of the artistry of the goldsmith and sheer elegance. This Jewellery Collection has been created for very special occasions such as an elegant dinner, an evening at the opera, or an unforgettable ball.


The shimmering, flowing band of lights in the night sky on the Rivièra provided the inspiration for this radiant Collection. Diamonds set close together to form a single chain of light are at the centre of this extensive Collection. The different cuts of diamond are here combined to form a single entity in terms of shape and design.

Rivière Rainbow

The symbolism behind the Rivière Rainbow Collection from Wagner focuses on harmonious pairings of the differing colours in nature. The Princess and Trapeze cuts of the various coloured sapphires conjure up an extra sparkle and harmonise with any colour tone. The jewellery from this special collection captivates with its symbolic significance as well as impressing with a visually appealing design.


Rivière-Flow represents the sense of pleasure you get when you find self-expression through an activity. Made of 18-carat gold, the design symbolises strength and optimism. The jewellery is available in various hues of gold, with or without diamonds, to suit your individual style and can be combined as wished.

Pearls & More

The Pearls & More Collection is dedicated to the natural beauty of pearls. Pearls are often used in conjunction with diamonds, to set off their special style and charm. Jewellery in this Collection is available in various designs, with the common factor being the central position of the pearl in the design.

Guardian Angel

The guardian angel is a symbol of good wishes, protection and security. As a pendant it is a popular gift for the birth or christening of a child. The Wagner Guardian Angel is available in 18 carat yellow gold and 18 carat white gold.


The very special iridescent shimmer makes mother-of-pearl a material that has long been coveted and used for objects of art and jewellery. Worked in 18-carat gold, sometimes refined with diamonds, jewels from the Seaside Collection become gladly worn companions that remind us of unforgettably beautiful seaside stays and exuberant holiday moods.


A secret of the stone setter's art which is known only to its initiates is almost invisibly concealed within this special Jewellery Collection: five diamonds are cut and set with such skill that together they shine out in a unified maximum radiant power and in perfect combination give the appearance of being a single large diamond.


The radiant light of the stars in the dark blue night sky served as the model for the Star Light Jewellery Collection. Innumerable brilliant cut diamonds are set so close together in the characteristic jewellery of this collection that their sparkle and shine are combined to give a single radiance.