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    My Vienna Memories

    Our story is told by a modern couple, who embody what Wagner stands for. They are cosmopolitan and confident, and they live the Wagner lifestyle – casual and effortlessly elegant at the same time.
    The couple soak up the unique atmosphere of our impressive store as they decide what special items from the wide variety on offer they wish to take home. Friendly advice is on hand throughout their visit.

    Wagner and Vienna are synonymous with elegance, modernity and tradition. We unite the city that has the highest living standards in the world with an experience at Wagner. The film takes us on a journey, from one magical place to the next, before finally arriving at the store.

    The Shoot

    It all began with the casting of our leading pair. From 20 women and 20 men – all models or actors – our task was to find the perfect couple to play the roles of “Emilie” and “Paul”. This was far from easy, for the standard of the applicants was incredibly high in every regard.

    With the selection finally made, the next stop was the exclusive premises of Jonak to choose the outfits. Not too fancy, but still elegant; not too casual, but still comfortable.

    Some of the city’s most beautiful locations provided the perfect backdrop for our story. Vienna’s old town, the parliament building, Herrengasse, Kärntner Straße and its Wagner store, and Ringstraße all played their part in a busy schedule followed by the team with incredible precision.

    Only two of the chosen locations proved somewhat awkward to film. While in front of the famous Hotel Sacher, a crowd of tourists amassed, putting pressure on the strict time plan. And the safety of our crew had top priority when following the Porsche around the Ringstraße. Unable to close the street for the shoot, the crew met the challenge head on and did a fantastic job of filming the sportscar from an open van, with the Viennese traffic flowing freely around them.

    With a good vibe on set, an experienced team, unique locations and exceptional weather, the two days of shooting were a wonderful and memorable experience for all involved. But there was still work to do, for the film was far from finished. Given the incredible effort that had gone into capturing beautiful shots, it should come as no surprise that a dedicated soundtrack was needed to heighten the atmosphere and emotion of each scene.

    We are proud to present an inspirational project with the finished film and our current campaign #MyViennaMemories. “Emilie” and “Paul” get ready for an elegant meal. As they apply the final, stunning touches to their look for the evening, memories are evoked. Memories of moments together, with jewellery and watches from Wagner.

    Memories that last a lifetime.

    Thank you to the entire team and a special thanks to Jonak Vienna for providing the outfits for our beautiful couple (