Ring of honour of the Vienna State Opera

Ring of honour of the Vienna State Opera

The ring of honour of the Vienna State Opera and the certificate of honour are given to the most important opera artists.

The design was created in the Wagner jewellery workshop in close collaboration with the Vienna State Opera. The aim was to “translate” both the external appearance and the internal space of the Vienna State Opera into a high quality item of jewellery. This is why the facade of the Vienna State Opera was engraved in the carnelian, and the boxes, together with the president’s box, in the inside of the 18 carat gold ring. The folds of the red stage curtains of the Vienna State Opera are incorporated into the reverse of the carnelian. The ring is produced individually for each honorary member in the Wagner jewellery workshop, and signed with the blue Wagner sapphire.

Bearers of the ring of honour of the Vienna State Opera are: Marco Armiliato (contuctor), Prof. Norbert Balatsch (director choir), KS José Carreras (tenor) KS Plácido Domingo (tenor), Adam Fischer (conductor), KS Ferruccio Furlanetto (bass baritone), KS Franz Grundheber (baritone), Ioan Holender (director of Vienna State Opera 1992-2010), Manuel Legris (director ballet), Lorin Maazel (contuctor, composer, director of the Vienna State Opera 1982-1984), Lorin Maazel (conductor, Prof. Marco Arturo Marelli (stage director),  composer), KS Waltraud Meier (dramatic soprano and mezzo-soprano), Dominique Meyer (director of Vienna State Opera 2010-2020), KS Thomas Moser (tenor), Leo Nucci (baritone), Seiji Ozawa (conductor, composer), Thomas Platzer (Commercial Director), Peter Schneider (conductor), Neil Shicoff (tenor), Dr. Georg Springer (GEO Bundestheater 1999-2014), KS Alfred Sramek (baritone), Wiener Staatsopern Orchester (Wiener Philharmoniker, the institution), Simone Young (contuctor).

2022: Simone Young (Dirigentin) / Foto K. Schiffl
2020: Dominique Meyer (Direktor Wiener Staatsoper 2010-2020)
2020: Thomas Platzer (Kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer Wiener Staatsoper)
2019 Marco Armiliato (Dirigent)
2018 Manuel Legris (Direktor Ballett)
2017 KS Waltraud Meier (Kammersängerin, Mezzo- und dramatischer Sopran)
2017 Adam Fischer (Dirigent)
2014 KS Alfred Sramek (Kammersänger, Bariton)
2013 KS José Carreras (Kammersänger, Tenor)
2013 Lorin Maazel (Dirigent, Komponist, Direktor Wiener Staatsoper 1982-1984)
2012 KS Plácido Domingo (Kammersänger, Tenor)
2012 Wiener Staatsopern Orchester (Wiener Philharmoniker, die Institution)
2010 KS Franz Grundheber (Kammersänger, Bariton)
2010 Prof. Marco Arturo Marelli (Regisseur)
2008 Dr. Georg Springer (Gen.-Dir. Bundestheater 1999-2014)
2007 KS Ferruccio Furlanetto (Kammersänger, Bassbariton)
2007 Seiji Osawa (Dirigent, Komponist)
2006 Prof. Norbert Balatsch (Direktor Chor), KS Thomas Moser (Kammersänger, Tenor)
2004 KS Leo Nucci (Kammersänger, Bariton)
2004 Peter Schneider (Dirigent)
2004 Ioan Holender (Direktor Wiener Staatsoper 1992-2010)
2004 KS Neil Shicoff (Kammersänger, Tenor)
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